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Jenn and Micah

Jenn and Micah live in Kentucky and planned a destination wedding for their friends and family at Wild Dunes. And what a small world. Shannon Barnes, one of my fantastic former assistants, now works at European Bridal in Cincinnati and sold Jenn her wedding dress! I totally fell for her gown and shoes, I love it when brides opt out of the traditional white kicks for something more saucy like the bronze leather strappy stilettos Jenn sported. And in another move that was slightly out of the ordinary, after Jenn’s Aunt Marjorie married Jenn and Micah she joined in the festivities and really rocked it out. WITH A BEER BOTTLE ON HER HEAD. That is definitely one human trick I’ve never seen before. She didn’t just walk around with a beer bottle on her head, she got DOWN. The other guests sported empty plastic beer bottles on headbands so they wouldn’t feel left out. Jenn’s family came prepared, apparently Aunt Marjorie has done this kind of thing before. I’ve been shooting weddings for 10 years and this is exactly why it will never get old.

See the entire event here. Congratulations Jenn and Micah!

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