the butt paste incident

After putting Mason in the stroller this morning, I walked back into Marcus’s room and found him on top of the changing table, finger painting with butt paste.

My Nikon was downstairs but I figured what the hell, I already had a pretty decent mess to clean up so I might as well just shut him back in there for another minute and get some good pictures. I love what he did with his hair in the meantime.

When I explained that there would be no walk this morning because we had to clean up, he immediately pitched in with the purell.

He’s such a team player. It’s a shame he’s going barefoot for the rest of the summer.



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3 responses to “the butt paste incident

  1. this is HILARIOUS, marni! had me laughing out loud! wow! 🙂 what a cutie (even with the paste).

  2. Heather

    We especially like what he did with his hair! This is so classic…

  3. Marni, I came across your blog while looking for photos and will say, while this must have been a plain to clean up, it produced adorable pictures to keep long after the mess is forgotten.

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