Welcome aboard Mason Halsey!

This has been an exciting month here, we welcomed a new little bundle on March 4th! Mason Halsey Durlach weighed in at 7lbs 6oz and has been packing on poundage like it’s been his job for the last 19 days. It’s as if he knows he needs to catch up with Marcus, who is completely amped to have another little guy in the house. Marcus is only 17 months old and it’s been incredible to see his transformation from baby to big brother. He’s so concerned whenever Mason cries and loves to hold his tiny hands and kiss his peach fuzzy head. I hope he can keep it up for another 20 years.



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5 responses to “Welcome aboard Mason Halsey!

  1. Jen Donchez

    Marni, he’s so adorable!! Congrats!

  2. love these Marni! He is amazing.

  3. aunt sally

    Oh.my.God. I can not wait to kiss those baby cheeks tomorrow. Yummy.

  4. Oh, sweet!
    Both of your boys are so handsome.

  5. Sri

    Marcus is SO handsome!!

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