Hello, Henry!

Leave it to Hannah and Matt Alexander to achieve baby perfection. Henry made his debut on December 5th and he’s figured out how to charm the ladies in no time. I fell under his spell this morning when he woke up from his nap all smiles and sunshine and hammed it right up for me. Total. Baby. Perfection.



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7 responses to “Hello, Henry!

  1. oh henry!! so cute!!!!! beautiful shots marni!

  2. hwa843

    Oh my goodness!!! Marni I am speechless, these are wonderful! Truly, you have a gift and these photos are a precious gift to me. I love them and love you!!!

  3. Drake

    Those are awesome!!

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  5. becky joye

    what a cute sweetie! Makes me so excited to my little boy to be- what a besutiful family they are and Henry is the sweetest!

  6. Oh my gosh-too sweet! I cannot get over those ridiculously big smiles. He obviously got a kick out of being the center of attention. 🙂

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