Baby proof, for now.

Little Marcus is an energetic, crafty, curious toddler. (Translation: Nothing in our home is safe from his path of destruction unless it is securely affixed to a wall.) This past week he discovered tools, a remarkable feat which now permits him the opportunity to knock objects off high surfaces which were previously out of reach. He’ll grab a wooden spoon or a roll of wrapping paper and swing it like a sword, yielding a bounty of fruit, books or iPhones which we naively thought were safe and unreachable at counter height. Good thing we’re minimalists without a lot of knick knacks. So rather than put a hideous gate around a Christmas tree this year we opted for a rosemary topiary table topper. Our living room doesn’t have the magical twinkle I love so much this time of year but (at least for the meantime) I don’t have to worry about him knocking this one over and hauling it around like he’s Paul Bunyan.


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2 responses to “Baby proof, for now.

  1. i love it! let me know if you ever want to borrow a large urn or planter~ it’s a great way to get a smaller tree up off the ground:)

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