Meet Coleman

I spent a sticky August afternoon at my friend Heather’s fantastic downtown apartment frolicking with her 15 month old son Coleman. Coleman is just 6 months older than little Marcus and I’m amazed (and somewhat scared) of how much he can do on his own. Open doors. Slide bolted locks. Climb up on the bed. Get down off the bed. And run, run, run.

He’s also learned that good things come in little blue boxes. VERY important.

Coleman still sleeps in his crib but he has a big boy bed in his room that he adores playing on. (Note to self: overstuffed pillows can provide toddlers with endless entertainment.)

Meanwhile, Coleman provides the entertainment for Rosebud.

I went home and did the same thing. Thanks for a fun afternoon, Coleman!



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3 responses to “Meet Coleman

  1. Love these!!! They made me smile, they are so sweet. I love Coleman’s outfit, what a cutie!

  2. Armand Emrich

    Hello Marni,

    John and Heather sent these wonderful, artfully
    composed portrait photographs of my grandson.
    I was wondering how I might have a few of these
    large enough for framing?

    Armand Emrich

  3. PRECIOUS little boy and precious pictures, Marni! Love them and love to see you shooting the wee people too…

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