RIP the River Course at Kiawah

Spring wedding season kicks off this weekend for me and what horrible timing for the lovely River Course clubhouse to burn to the ground. I suppose there’s never a good time to lose a building to fire but I know so many brides who have been planning their weddings from afar to only now be faced with the prospect of holding their quickly approaching wedding at a never before seen venue. Fortunately, Cassique is the alternative location to the River Course and I actually think it’s an upgrade. The building is newer, the grounds are more landscaped and the drive in and out of Kiawah is faster, which is a bonus for tired guests (and photographers!) at the end of an action packed day. Abby and Jay held their intimate event there in the Spring of 2007 and the while the event in its entirety can be seen here I thought I’d post a few snippets to give you an idea of the building and grounds. Event design props go to the talented Calder Clark of Blue Moon Events.


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  1. You said exactly what was on my mind! Cassique is so beautiful that I actually prefer it! Every single detail is exquisite down to the dressing room. Beautiful photos!

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