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Four Legged and Frosty

This Thursday morning I trekked out to Awendaw to photograph Robin and Doug Smith for Skirt! Magazine. They’re being featured in the February issue which is all amazing couples. It was one of the coldest mornings we’ve had in ages and as I got further out into the country it started to look more and more like winter and the temperature reading on my car kept dropping till it bottomed out at 27 degrees. We did the shoot outside and as cold as it was I had a hard time getting back in my car and leaving their family and all their sweet, furry friends behind.

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Kate and Ben in Modern Bride

Kate Brockhouse and Ben Pittard were married in September 2008 at Kate’s childhood home on the water in Charleston. Their fabulous wedding is published in this month’s issue of Modern Bride Magazine, which also, very sadly, happens to be the final issue of the magazine.

I’ve used this shot for ads all year, I absolutely love her gown, too!
The wedding was gorgeous and their first dance (Super Freak!) is still one of my favorites. It will be hard to top. Congratulations Kate and Ben!

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Marcus Russell Durlach V

Some of you may still be scarred from seeing my ENORMOUS preggo belly in September, the good news is that all the bloat and misery was worth it!! Marcus Russell Durlach V was born September 21st 2009 and has been filling our lives with giggles and warmth ever since.

Hard to believe he’s only 3 months old, he’s already become an old pro at posing for the camera.
And I think he’s made a certain dog a little jealous.

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another blog is born!

Just in case there isn’t enough information out there for you, here’s another blog to quell your insatiable appetite for silly banter and glimpses into complete stranger’s lives! Rejoice! I’ll also be posting some favorite shots from recent weddings and keep you current on new products like albums and package updates. I may also occasionally digress on to topics such as lip gloss and my dog, but I’ll try to keep those to a minimum. Does this mean I’ll probably spend less time updating Absolutely! But until I get the blog up and running be sure to check out my recent work there:

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